Make a Big Splash Among Your Pool of Potential Clients

Flying Turtle Marketing works hand-in-hand with small businesses, providing a variety of customized marketing plans, tools and services.

You won’t catch us Turtles in corporate suits and pearls – instead, funky garb and jewelry is the uniform du jour. Our marketing approach matches our personal style: refreshingly down to earth, colorful, creative and fun.

Clients enjoy working with us, not only because we cover the basics – like returning phone calls, meeting deadlines and creating stuff they love – but because we provide a host of important intangibles, such as handholding, back-patting and psyche-soothing.

Some of our clients are brave souls who’ve never owned a business before, and we walk them patiently through every step of their ventures … from setting up e-mail accounts to providing networking tips to creating a real-live brand they can be proud of.

So no matter where you are in your marketing effort – whether you’re just starting off, in need of a “nip-and-tuck” or gearing up for a complete overhaul – we can help get you where you need to be.