SEO Process

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a big role in determining the overall rank of a website on search engine results pages (SERPs). It is important to note that SEO only refers to techniques that one employs to enhance a website’s search engine visibility and rank. The higher a website ranks on SERPs, the better. Figures published by the Search Engine Journal (SEJ) show that sites that make it to the first search engine results page share as much as 75% of Internet traffic. For sites that appear from the second search engine results page, they all have to share a mere 25% of all Internet traffic.

An effective way of ensuring your site achieves and maintains a high SERP ranking is by investing in professional SEO services of Flying Turtle Marketing. Some of the techniques someone with a good grasp of search engine optimization will use to increase your site’s visibility include:

Title Tag

The title tag is one of the most important on page SEO factors. In simple terms, title tags tell search engine crawlers what kind of content web users can find on a particular web page. Make sure you use unique title tags for each web page on your site. The rule of thumb is to include primary keyword, secondary keyword, and brand name in your title tag. A survey carried out by MOZ found that placing keywords at the front of your title tag increases a site’s click-through rate for search terms similar to the keywords. However, title tags should not exceed 70 characters. If you exceed this limit, search engines simply show an ellipsis indicating that part of the title tag is not visible.


Search Engine OptimizationYou can have the best website ever designed but still fail if you cannot provide useful content to web users. This is why websites that contain quality and informative content such as Wikipedia rank high on SERPs. To excel on the content front, strive to become an authority in one or even multiple topics. Remember to carry out keyword research and then write content that flows naturally around relevant keywords. You can use keyword variations such as synonyms, abbreviations, and acronyms throughout your content.

It is advisable to use unique content for different mediums such as blogs and press releases. The problem with copying and pasting the same content across different mediums is search engine spiders will view this as an attempt to provide duplicate content. Search engine companies such as Google usually consign offending websites to the backwaters of SERPs.

Social Media Buttons

Social Media ButtonsOnline social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and YouTube boast of more than one billion active daily users. This means that ignoring the social media landscape is not a good idea. With this in mind, professional SEO services recommend joining the major social networking sites. The next step is to create social media buttons on your site to make it easier for visitors to link to your site from social networking sites. In fact, 97% of all the top retailers in the world maintain social media accounts, according to media research outfit Campalyst.

The beauty of integrating social media buttons in your site is many people who visit social networking sites also buy goods and services online. According to statistics published by Kantar Media Compete, 38.9 % of people on Twitter make purchases after viewing a retailer’s message. In addition, research carried out by the Pew Internet Project found that Americans who use social networking sites earn an average of $30,000 every year. These numbers show that aligning your website with social networking sites makes financial sense.

ALT Attributes

Almost all websites use images. While this is a good idea, images can have a negative impact on your site’s SERP ranking. To ensure this does not happen, professional SEO services recommend using appropriate alt tags on all images. Make sure you describe your images as accurately as possible and avoid the temptation to use non-alphanumeric characters such as &, %, and #. The problem with such characters is they are not search engine friendly. Moreover, a person using a screen reader may not make sense of a description that includes such characters.

Think Mobile

Mobile WebAn increasingly large number of people use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access the Internet and ignoring this fact is not a good idea. According to a report published by Cisco, the number of Internet-connected devices will surpass the world’s population by the end of 2013. At the same time, the average smartphone owner uses as much as 342 MB of data every month and Cisco expects this figure will continue to rise.

In light of this shift towards mobile devices, web designers must ensure their sites are accessible across a wide range of Internet-enabled devices. For example, it is wise to provide different HTML outputs based on type of device. You should also have a separate sub-domain such as to serve mobile device web users with content from your site. Other mobile focused web design techniques include shorter keywords as well as using CSS3 media queries to customize your website to suit different mobile devices.

Link Building

When it comes to link building, it is wise to take the white hat and not the black hat approach. Remember search engines rank sites that have links from other popular sites highly. The opposite is true for sites that use link farms, doorway pages, and invisible text to manipulate search engine results. An effective way of building quality links is to search for opportunities to post a guest blog on popular websites in return for a link back to your site.

Do not focus solely on external links and forget internal links. The rule of thumb is to select good anchor text such as keywords to create internal links. This eliminates the need to use irrelevant text such as “Click here” as an internal link. A keyword-based link such as “Beach sunglasses” is more appropriate. Take note that link building takes time, hard work, and patience. When you achieve the coveted number one spot, do not rest on your laurels and relax. More aggressive and nimble competitors will topple you from your lofty perch sooner rather than later.

In a highly competitive business environment, professional SEO services are necessary to ensure your business stays ahead of the pack. To achieve this goal, search engine optimization experts, like use on-page SEO techniques such as title tags, content presentation, social media buttons, link building, mobile device optimization, as well as ALT attributes. However, you should not focus too much on pleasing search engine spiders and forget that your goal is to provide content to humans.